Babywearing Carriers Explained

When searching Google, it can become overwhelming researching the different types of baby carriers. I've compiled a little information on the three most popular types to help you figure out which type/s are best for you, your baby and lifestyle.

The Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy wraps are a new mum's best friend. It can take a little getting used to tying the wrap - but once you have it mastered you'll be wearing this wrap like a piece of clothing from morning to night. There wraps are truly hands free and feel secure enough that you don't need to have one hand on the back of baby's head.

Best suited to newborns and koala babies (2.5kg to 12kg)

This type of wrap is extremely supportive for newborns and babies who are not yet able to support their head or sit up unsupported.

Wear all day

Tie this wrap once in the morning and you can pull baby in and out all day long without having to take it off. This is so helpful especially during the first few weeks when you need baby close but you also need both you hands, because.... life. You might have to tighten it during the day, but you can do this by just pulling the wrap and retying the bottom.

Great for feeding

Depending on your body shape you can breastfeed in this wrap from the get-go. It is also very east to take baby out to hold and feed by just pulling the wrap and your top to one side.

The Ring Sling

The ring sling is your go-to wrap for quick ups and best kept handy in your nappy bag, car, pram or at the front door. I find they are also the most accessory-like and add to a nice outfit like a beautiful scarf.

 Quick ups

No need to wrap anything here, just pup over one shoulder, adjust the tail and pop bubs in. Just as quick in reverse.

Breastfeeding friendly

Again these wraps are very breastfeeding friendly. All you need to do is lift bubs to take the weight off the ring, loosen slightly to drop bubs to the right height and feed. The tail can also be used as a breastfeeding cover if you need.

Newborn to toddlerhood

Ring slings can be used from birth (3.6kg), until baby is strong enough to support their head, you can roll the tail and tuck behind babies head for support. Ring slings are great for quick ups well into toddlerhood, but can get a little uncomfortable when carrying heavier toddlers for long periods of time (not suited for going on hikes or wearing for hours at a time).

Buckle Carrier

Once baby is sitting upright unsupported, buckle carriers are a great all rounder. They are very comfortable and can be used for multiple style carries. For shopping, hiking, festivals - this is your carrier.  

Quick ups

Like the ring sling, these carriers take only a few seconds to put on and pop baby in. There are another carrier that I feel are truly hands-free and very supportive for baby.

Breastfeeding friendly

Breastfeeding in these carriers is as easy as loosening the shoulder straps to lower bub and away you go! The hood feature can be used as a breastfeeding cover if needed.

4 months plus only

Buckle carriers is only for babies who are able to sit up unsupported but can be used well into toddlerhood and are still very comfortable as your little gets heavier due to the padding in the shoulder pads and ability to cross the shoulder straps at your back for comfort

Front, Hip and Back carry

The most versatile of all the carriers, buckle carriers enable you to carry on your front, hip and back. The first few times you sling baby on to your back can feel a little nerve-racking, but this carry is life changing!

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Author: A Mindful Bub

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Date published: 1 October 2018

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