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Times have changed and in a world where we no longer have our traditional 'village' to help us raise our children - we need a few tricks to help along the way, especially when caring for two or more young ones. Here are just a few gems to help mummas, without costing the earth ūüĆī


This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, in-fact one we have been practicing since our ancestors stood upright. Apart from the extensive health and development benefits to both mamma and bub, babywearing also frees your hands for your other little wildling's and allows you to do,! You can read more about which baby carrier to choose in my babywearing blog.

Multi-use Items

When packing your nappy bag or pram, it pays to have multiple use items, like a large swaddle, which doubles as a picnic blanket, feeding cover, baby blanket, pram cover, emergency change-mat, I've even found myself using my prettier swaddles as scarves.

Wet bags (mini, regular and XL) are another gem for your nappy bag or pram. The uses here are really endless here's a short list to give you the idea

  • organise and sort your nappy bag (one mini for cloth wipes, one for toys, one for pumping bits and pieces, one for medications, one for dummies / teethers etc.)
  • hang a mini off the pram handle to hold your snacks, drink bottles, phone
  • the obvious - put dirty cloth wipes, nappies, dirty / wet clothing
  • use for shopping and produce bags (minis are great for bulk food stores, nuts etc.)
  • really this list needs its very own blog.....

Hair Scarf

Mum hair.... we've all been there... When was the last time you had a spare 5 mins to wash your hair (I'm currently approaching day 6)? We all have many many sad hair days as mummas but nothing a little dry shampoo and a beautiful hair scarf can't fix!

Dummy Chains

One of the most simple and clever inventions around, especially if you have dummy throwers - like me :) Clip these to clothing, pram straps, bibs. And don't just use these for dummies, attach them to toys and teethers to keep them from going missing!

Clever Toys

When out and about and needing to entertain kiddies of different ages, bring toys which stretch the age gap. Toys like the Grimms range are perfect. Baby can grab, bang and chew (the range is made from untreated wood and natural dyes) while your toddler stacks, builds and creates!


Most importantly, the best piece of advice I was ever given - say YES to offers of help! It can be hard sometimes, I know, but as we've all been told before, you can't pour from an empty cup and a happy mumma means happy babies :)


Author: A Mindful Bub

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Date published: 7 October 2018

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Images by Grimms Spiel und Holz Design, Pop Ya Tot, Designer Bums, Solomon Street and Pinterest

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