Earth Greetings

Earth Greetings mission is to use the most Earth friendly paper & printing alternatives available to design unique paper goods made with love for people and planet.

Earth Friendly Printing

Earth Greetings choose printers who consider the environment in the printing process. This means ensuring:

  • water use minimisation,
  • digital to plate printing (less chemicals, energy & waste),
  • the use of vegetable based inks (an alternative to greenhouse gas emitting mineral oil based inks containing toxic volatile organic compounds),
  • alcohol free printing (less greenhouse gas emissions),
  • the recycling or reusing of waste,
  • low chemical and solvent usage and
  • energy efficient production.

Earth Friendly Paper

Earth Greetings choose paper stocks which:

  • contain 100% post-consumer waste,
  • are not chlorine bleached - eliminating highly toxic dioxin as a residue and
  • are made by environmentally certified mills (EMS, ISO 14001 or EMAS) that recycle or capture waste before it enters the environment.
  • are carbon offset where available

Supporting Australian Artists

Earth Greetings support a growing number of Australian based artists and designers giving them opportunities to be rewarded financially for their creations and have their artwork showcased on our Earth friendly products. If you would like to submit artwork for consideration, please use our contact form to email us a link to your website or social media page featuring your art.